Cat Show : Temporary Registration Number

So your cat is not registered with CFA, no problem! The show entry clerk can assign you a TRN (Temporary Registration Number). The TRN form can be downloaded at

Kittens can be shown without registration numbers but no points will count if you make a final. If all you want is the experience & don’t care about points then no need to get a TRN.

Adult Cats must be registered to earn any points. They must have a number (official # or TRN) in the Master Clerk’s catalog unless they are just judged as a Novice. A Novice gets handled by the Judges but will earn no points.

If it’s over a month before the show you should have time to get your cat registered without needing a TRN. You deal with the CFA registrations department on the actual registering process, we don’t get involved as that’s not part of show production. This link gives you all the details, pricing, requirements: the number of generations of pedigree varies by breed.

If you have already sent your paperwork in the CFA but won’t get your number in time, the show entry clerk can provide you with a TRN. That will allow you to show the cats & earn points which are held against the temporary number & then get moved to the official number later.

Enter the show with the registration # section left blank. Adults must be entered as a Novice & then will be transferred to Open once the TRN is assigned.

Fee: If CFA is already working on your registration select TRN ONLY for $25.00. If nothing has been started the TRN form will do it all, select TRN & REGISTRATION for $40.00.

USD: The fee is in USD as it goes to CFA not our club. You can include your credit card information on the form or give it in cash to the entry clerk

Timing: if you are paying in cash you must give it all to the entry clerk PRIOR TO THE START OF THE SHOW. If you are paying by credit card you can email everything to the entry clerk prior to the show closing date. Your TRN can not be assigned until the entry clerk has all the needed paperwork & fee

If anything is missing from your paperwork, the entry clerk can not accept it. You must provide:

  • the completed TRN form,
  • a 4 or 5 generation certified pedigree (some exceptions to the number of generations may apply - see CFA website),
  • copy of registration from another association if available (e.g. CCA, TICA),
  • fee (cash or credit card)

Once you have a TRN you can use it to enter future shows for the next 60 days until CFA assigns your official registration number. CFA will move points over to your official number but in the event that doesn’t happen seamlessly, you can fill in this form to get that done.

If you have any other questions, contact the show entry clerk