About the Golden Triangle Cat Fancier's club.

The history of the club...

On a cold winter's night, 4 local cat fanciers (Jim and Joan Hollinger, Eleanor Jazinksi, Susan Pilkey, and Brenda Wood) met at the home of Eleanor Jazinski on Westmount Road in Kitchener to discuss the feasibility of forming a cat club in the K-W area. During the course of the next year, we recruited members; argued which association we should affiliate with and what we should name our club; drafted a Constitution and By-Laws; and worried about how to raise funds to sponsor a show.
Paul and Sue Biggs from Guelph were discovered at the Tower Cat Fanciers (ACFA) show in Toronto and invited to join the newly-formed CFA club. The Biggs bred and showed Manx and urged us to take the risk of producing a cat show. It was Sue Biggs that found our first show hall.
On Easter Sunday, Golden Triangle Cat Fanciers held it's first CFA All Breed Cat Show. The show was held in Peter Clark Hall at the University of Guelph in Guelph, Ontario. It was a 4-ring show and the judges were: Donna Jean Thompson, Diana Doernberg, Don Williams and Boris Teron
We moved our Easter show to the Ballroom of the Waterloo Motor Inn in Waterloo, Ontario.
Waterloo Motor Inn
Waterloo Motor Inn
Waterloo Motor Inn
Conestoga College Arena
Bingeman Park Roller Rink
Bingeman Park Roller Rink
Bingeman Park Roller Rink
For our 10th Anniversary Show, we decided to do something totally different and risk the expense of an 8-ring All-Specialty Show at the Bingeman Park Roller Rink. We had a huge cake made which was shared with judges, exhibitors and spectators. Members contributed their favorite recipes and a GTCF Cookbook was published and given as prizes in all the rings. The Longhair Judges were: Sheila Reyes, Marilyn Cruz, Gary Powell, and Roger Lawrence. The Shorthair Judges were: Ruth Parker, Alan Kienzle, Nick Fischer and Russ Hausmann.
Bingeman Park Roller Rink The CFA Annual was hosted by Seneca Cat Fanciers at the Inn-On-The-Park in Toronto, Ontario. Our club took on the task of providing the Hospitality on the first night. We mixed up gallons of frozen Strawberry Daquiris that Wednesday night much to the delight of everyone who enjoyed that sort of thing.
Bingeman Park Roller Rink
Bingeman Park Roller Rink
Although we had planned to do 2 shows within 6 weeks of each other, we gave up our traditional Easter show as we took on the challenge of hosting what we think was the very first and so far, only CFA Great Lakes Region Show and Awards Banquet ever to be held in Canada. The GLR Show and Awards Banquet is usually held on the second weekend of June. Since we felt that the cost of our showhall had risen beyond our means, we also took on the challenge of the unknowns of a new showhall and moved to the K-W Granite Club for our first 2-day, 6-ring show. We drew an entry of approximately 260 cats that came from all parts of our region. Our raffle table was a hit with exhibitors and spectators alike and became the first of many successful money-making raffles for the club. The Awards Banquet was buffet-style and absolutely delicious. The weather was very hot.
K-W Granite Club
The weather was very hot and humid on Saturday and the showhall was very uncomfortable. Because having a catered dinner on Saturday night was part of the deal with the Granite Club, we started with the first of many fun Club Dinners. Doreen Linfield decided to liven things up by adding a miriad of little prizes which people could win by answering silly questions which she posed during the course of the evening. Everyone had a great time.
K-W Granite Club
K-W Granite Club
K-W Granite Club
K-W Granite Club
Karen Lawrence made her debut as a SH Specialty Judge. Before she was allowed to begin her first judging assignment, she was publicly presented with a basketful of "judging necessities" like extra thick eyeglasses; very ugly, but very comfortable shoes; a special hat; lots of bandaids; squeaky cat toys and teasers, etc.
Two shows in one year!
May 25-26 K-W Granite Club
The All Breed Judges were Norma Placchi, Gary Powell, Liz Watson and Gene Darrah. The Specialty Judges were Sharon McKeehon-Bounds (LH/SH), John Colilla (LH) and Rachel Anger (SH). The count for the show was a pleasant surprise: LH Kit - 22; SH Kit - 39; LH cats - 71, CH - 39; SH cats - 72, CH - 41; LH alters - 14, PR - 8; SH alters - 23, PR - 12.

October 25-26 - K-W Soccer Park - Hallowe'en show
May 24-25 - K-W Granite Club
May 23-24 - K-W Granite Club
Theme: "A Black Tie Affair" - 6 All Breed rings featuring CFA judges: Don Williams, Leta Williams, Evelyn Prather, Lois Jensen, Vickie (Dickerson) Nye, and Diana Doernberg.
May 29-30 - K-W Granite Club
Theme: "Havan-A-Blast!" will feature the Havana Brown.
4 Allbreed/2 Specialty rings featuring CFA judges: AB Loretta Baugh, Hazel Lindstrand, Norma Placchi, Lynn Search, LH/SH Kim Everett, Roger Lawrence.
May 27-28 - Conestoga College Recreation Center
6 LH/SH Specialties and Household Pets
Judges: Leslie Faltiesek, Jody Garrison, Bill Lee, Rachel Anger, Karen Lawrence, Paul Patton
May 26-27 - Conestoga College Recreation Center
3 AB, 3 LH/SH Specialties and Household Pets
Judges: Pam Delabar, Gene Darrah, Roger Lawrence, Hilary Helmrich, Betty White, Paul Patton
May 25-26 - Conestoga College Recreation Center
Judges: LH/SH Championship, Allbreed Kittens/Premiership, HHP - Rachel Anger, Karen Lawrence, Gary Veach, Bob Zenda LH/SH Specialties, HHP - Don Williams, Paul Patton
May 24-25 - Doon Indoor Soccer Park LOCATION
Judges: AB - Liz Watson, Loretta Baugh, Hazel Lindstrand, Paul Patton, LH/SH Specialties - Chuck Gradowski, Kim Everett
May 29-30 - Doon Indoor Soccer Park
Judges: AB Kittens/Premiership / CH LH/SH Specialties - Lois Jensen, Evelyn Prather, Karen Lawrence. Paul Patton
LH/SH Specialties - Laura McIntyre, Rachel Anger
May 28-29 - Doon Indoor Soccer Park
Judges: AB - Pam DelaBar, Annette Wilson, Gene Darrah, Darryl Newkirk, LH/SH Specialties - Roger Lawrence, LH/SH - Rick Hoskinson
May 27-28 - Galt Arena Gardens, 98 Shade ST, Cambridge, ON N1R 4J8 LOCATION
Theme: Canada
Judges: AB - Loretta Baugh, Karen Lawrence, Paul Patton, Sharon McKeehen-Bounds, Gary Veach, LH/SH Specialties - Walter Hutzler
May 26-27 - Galt Arena Gardens, 98 Shade ST, Cambridge, ON N1R 4J8
Featuring: Veteran Class for show cats 7 years or older and eligible for championship/premiership
Judges: Colilla, Anger, Mare, TBA, TBA, TBA
May 31 - Galt Arena Gardens, 98 Shade ST, Cambridge, ON N1R 4J8 - SHOW FORMAT 1-DAY/6-RING
In conjunction with Toronto Cat Fanciers
Judges: AB - Rachel Anger, Loretta Baugh, Chuck Gradowski, Karen Lawrence, Roger Lawrence, LH?SH - Sharon Powell
May 23 - FORMAT 1-day/6-ring
Judges: 5AB, 1Spec. - Baugh(AB), Hoskinson(AB), R. Lawrence(AB), Trevathan(AB), Helmrich(AB), K. Lawrence, (LH/SH)
May 22 - 1 -day/6 AB
Judges: Rachel Anger, Loretta Baugh, Kim Everett-Hirsch, Chuck Gradowski, Walter Hutzler, Gary Veach
May 28 - 1-day AB
Judges: 5 AB/1 LH/SH
AB: Vickie Abelson, Loretta Baugh, Sharon McKeehen-Bounds, Tracey Petty, Sharon Powell
LH/SH: Annette Wilson
May 26 - 1-day AB
Judges: 5 AB/1 LH/SH
AB: Rachel Anger, Norm Auspitz, Elaine Gleason AB (guest Judge from CCA), Gary Powell, Jeri Zottoli
LH/SH: Lorraine Rivard
May 25 - Golden Triangle Cat Fanciers
AB: Chuck Gradowski, Gene Darrah, Ann Mathis, Sharon Powell, Gary Veach
LH/SH: Melanie Morgan
May 26 - Royal Canadian Cat Club
AB: Rachel Anger. Loretta Baugh, John Colilla, Rick Hoskinson, Karen Lawrence, Lorraine Rivard
Preston Auditorium due to the unavailability of the Galt Arena. Long time member Brenda Woods retired from the club.
Judges:AB Rachel Anger, Diana Doernberg, Anne Mathis, Brian PEarson, Sharon Powell, Gary Veach
May 24 - Galt Arena
The club had some success venturing out in the world of facebook advertizing the show. As well tried offering 2 super specialty rings, effectiving making it a 8 ring one day show
Judges: Kathy Calhoun AB & SS Kittens, Gene Darrah AB & SS Pr, John Hiemstra LH/SH, Karen Lawrence AB, Sharon Powell AB & SS Ch &SS Pr, Lorraine Rivard AB & SS Kittens & SS CH